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Chevy Chase, Maryland lies at the border of Washington D.C. and Maryland. The Chevy Chase neighborhood includes the Town of Chevy Chase as well as Friendship Heights, The Village, Martins Additions, Rollingwood, Somerset, Kenwood, North Chevy Chase and New Hamlet. It is a unique place with a unique history.

Developed initially in the 1890’s Chevy Chase has evolved into a place ideally suited for the urban lifestyle. Residents tend to be well educated and deeply involved in the Washington D.C. scene, both in politics and the arts. In fact, one of the area’s defining influences is the large number of artists, designers and media professionals who call Chevy Chase home.

Here you will find amazing landscapes, unique architecture and a strong commitment to neighborhood. There is no more beautiful place in America that Chevy Chase on a clear Spring day! Imagine walking streets lined with cherry blossoms and spring flowers. In fact, people come from all around the world to see Chevy Chase’s aromatic Japanese Cherry Blossoms blooming each year!

Because Chevy Chase is so beautiful, there are many who choose to work from home. In fact, recent estimates concluded that nearly 10 percent of the area population telecommutes to work. It’s all part of the Chevy Chase vibe that is known the world over.

Young singles make up a substantial part of the community here. It’s a choice, to live and work in a small community near an urban center. Chevy Chase is sophisticated but friendly. It is definitely connected with great access to art museums, the opera, symphonies, live theatre, museums and ballet.

Those same benefits apply to families as well. Here you can find great schools, safe neighborhoods with low crime rates and a community that values and supports higher education. Without a doubt, it is a family friendly place to live and work.

If you won’t settle for the common things in life, if you desire to live in close proximity to the heartbeat of America but want leave the chaos for your night’s retreat, Chevy Chase is the one neighborhood you must consider before buying any property in the Washington D.C. area.

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